Couch to …….well couch actually!

So just to display any myths amongst my blog readers that I am superwoman, I am driven to achieve more than mere mortals, I only live to run. This Sunday wasn’t long run day, it wasn’t actually short run day either….it was no run day.

I slithered out of bed to peak out the curtains, to be met with sunshine, the first in days. To think that yesterday in utterly pouring rain I braved 5km. Like a crazy lady, I donned my leggings, water resistant jacket and peaked cap just to stop the rain running in rivers off the end of my nose. I came back cold, but invigorated with that slightly smug glow of the self righteous ‘nothing stops me’ runner. You know that feeling, it’s the one that gives you a look that any nearby non runners would like to wipe off your face with their fists.

So what happened today? was I injured? had I no dry kit? was my day so action packed I simply didn’t have a moment? Alas, it’s a ‘no’ to all those reasons. Ladies and gentlemen, I simply couldn’t be arsed! I felt too tired to haul myself into running tights, the necessary wriggling was just too much effort. I felt too lazy to smooth the wrinkles out my double layer socks to stop blisters. I felt too lazy to swap my comfy bra and battle ‘the boys’ into the confines of a sports bra, I could’t be bothered with all that boob adjustment, they were happy and warm just where they were. Just the thought of opening the ‘running drawer’ ( yes, I have one ) and being faced with the rainbow of tech tee shirts in every colour commemorating so many races felt too daunting, I couldn’t be bothered with the decision that would then be required.

On similar days, what do we runners normally do? Why, we dig deep, head out and come back buzzing, glad we made that effort, loving that we’re runners……..but not today, somehow its not a normal day.

I went out on an errand, I saw runners a plenty, out in that sunshine, enjoying the moment. Briefly I considered it, but as I got out the car, I couldn’t even bear the thought of taking my coat off,the thought of donning lycra was too repugnant. Today, ‘This Girl Can’t’.

So I stayed in my house, ate some chocolate, felt guilty and yet liberated at the same time. I guess I shouldn’t be a slave to something I love. Monday is runday and I see no reason why my business as usual attitude won’t have returned by tomorrow but today I am a sloth, a couch potato, lazy git……guilty as charged.

Until tomorrow, I’m lying on the sofa, onesie on, wine in one hand, chocolate in the other, eagerly awaiting War and Peace and Prince Andrei in his military finest. I’m hoping this malaise will quickly pass.

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