50in50 No.4 and No.5 – Drink a Red Bull, Drink a Jager Bomb

See, I said not all the challenges had to be expensive or feats of ‘daring do’, just things that I have never done before at this half century juncture in my life. Why I’ve never drank Red Bull or downed a Jager Bomb I’m not sure. I suspect my passion for strong black coffee has more than negated the need for Red Bull for years. If I need to keep my eyes open or get my head buzzing a cup of the hot black stuff is my go to choice. When I was a student in the late 80’s, Jagermeister hadn’t been invented….well OK, it probably had but it hadn’t left German borders to reach the student bars of the UK as the go to choice to get hammered fast! The last time I frequented the student bars of Aston Uni, Diamond White or Cider and black was the way to go for a memorable hangover. All I knew of Jager Bombs was learned from the comedic slow motion sketches of stand up comic, Sean Walsh.

As my work colleagues knew of the 50in50 challenge and have indeed contributed to suggestions for the list ( and also for the ‘definitely not happening list’), I agreed this was one in which they could be involved and a ‘work night out’ was all that was needed. For me the Jager Bomb is killing two birds with one stone, Red Bull and Jager Bomb both drunk, list ticked. I could sense their excitement …..get the boss pissed and see what occurs. Now as we all know, what happens on a works night out, stays on …..Facebook, twitter, insta etc etc. So even I was a little worried about the risks of sharing this task.

It was certainly a cheap challenge, colleagues all eager to buy me my first Jager Bomb. As a warm up, I had drunk a couple of proseccos and a couple of red wines with a meal but I could put off the main event no longer. The Jager Bombs arrived and with one colleague filming for this very blog and one prepared to down one with me too, we linked arms and necked them. Quite honestly it was like swigging a bottle of Covonia cough medicine. Sickly and medicinal, why on earth does anyone drink them? No wonder they’re a ‘down in one’ kind of drink, you wouldn’t want to savour it. Then I waited…and waited…and waited..was my head going to explode? Was I about to experience a crazy episode? Would I leap on the table dancing? Disappointingly nothing happened. This was a relief as apparently the challenge had been voted null and void for two reasons….

  1. The bar staff had put the Red Bull and Jagermeister pre-mixed into a plastic glass and this apparently is not the real deal.
  2. The person in charge of recording this life changing moment had taken some detailed footage of their own chin!

Round two, neck another one. Sadly it still didn’t taste any better nor did it have any impact. Perhaps the side effects would be delayed and I’d be running round hotel corridors with my dress over my head shouting ‘woo hoo’ in the wee small hours. The bar staff had again however refused to serve the drink not pre-mixed and therefore once again it was deemed a void challenge by some colleagues.

Jager Bomb No2 with colleague Rashpal

Jager Bomb No2 with colleague Rashpal

Third time lucky!! A rather more forceful colleague had clearly remonstrated with the bar staff, perhaps stressing the importance of tradition on this occasion and my final Jager Bomb arrived, as it apparently should be served. A shot glass of Jagermeister dropped into a tumbler of Red Bull. A more sensible female colleague urged caution at this point in case my endeavours to stick to the rules of the challenge left my heart racing and caused me not to sleep for the next week. Clearly she’s not seen me on one of my ‘intravenous’ black coffee days when nodding off is never an issue.

Personally, my main concern here was being convinced I could drink from both glasses at the same time without getting a face full of the Jagermeister. As always I rose to the challenge and it was down in one to a properly served, still equally revolting Jager Bomb! Challenge complete.

This was sadly a challenge that hasn’t introduced anything new to the second half of my life. If I need a lift, I’m sticking to coffee and if I need (well OK, not need) alcohol, what’s wrong with a lovely cold Chablis or warming Rioja. Importantly, you might want to know if there was indeed any fall out from having to repeat this challenge until I got it right? You’ll probably be disappointed to hear that no, as far as I was aware and social media backs me up, things did not get messy. My ridiculously low heart beat might have been spurred on to beat like that of a normal human (I couldn’t tell) and it was hard to get me off the dance floor, but that’s normal, blimey I can run a half marathon, so I think I have the stamina to dance for hours. But my new gold heels, they just might just be the giveaway…..first time on, vertiginously high and dancing for hours….OK Jager Bomb, I think perhaps you numbed the pain.

Gold heels, Jagermeister numbs the pain

Gold heels, Jagermeister numbs the pain

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