Recovery ……Run, it’s like Garlic…….Bread!

If you’re a fan of comedian Peter Kay, you’ll get my blog title. Recovery and run aren’t two words I’d generally put together but I’ve been running long enough to know it must be done. The Ashby 20 behind me, I held out until Wednesday for my ‘recovery run’ which was a little trot round the block…well my usual 5km loop. I didn’t feel too bad at all, I had made it to work on Monday in one piece although I couldn’t be glued to my desk for long periods.  Monday was brightened by the arrival of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for one of the team’s birthday. My favourite is the lemon meringue doughnut and why not after a 20 miler? …….never had it tasted so guilt free.


A guilt free Monday treat


My poor old piriformis has certainly been feeling the longer distances and the cumulative effect after Ashby was squeezing my sciatic nerve so I had planned ahead and already booked a session with my physio for this week. A little IT band smoothing was followed by some serious piriformis work… felt like she put an elbow into my muscle and put all her weight onto it. Apparently my glutes aren’t firing properly on one side at the longer distances. So here’s me always  putting 100% into everything I do and now I find out I’m literally a ‘half arsed’ runner.

My poor bum felt like a bruised peach for 2 days after, let’s hope it’s now sorted out ready for the marathon….clearly an evening with Christian Grey wouldn’t be my cup of tea!

My Sunday long run consisted of 12 miles and two hours of running in pouring rain. I did the horrible, hilly, Hucknall run again. I decided to conquer my head, do it solo again and make it a positive experience which given the weather wasn’t easy. I really found it much easier this time, it’s all in the mind, I know it, you fellow runners know it, I just needed to prove it to myself again.

I loved it and yet I had to stop briefly to get a stone out my shoe at mile 8 as I couldn’t face 4 miles with it stuck in there. It wasn’t until I tried to untie and re-tie my lace that I realised my hands were so cold and numb, I was struggling to move my fingers. Strange you can enjoy a run like that.

As always, there was a bowl of freshly made gnocchi at the end of it, nicely fuelled.

Just one more long run before London, I’m going for an 18 miler when I can think up a route ! #28 days. I’ve had my number through……


yeah! it’s my lucky number


I haven’t even begun to read the huge magazine with all its instructions …..hope it’s all straightforward!

A cheeky text to all my phone contacts boosted my fundraising to £925 which plus my ‘match it’ £600 puts my at £1525, nearly there. Please let it all be coming together.


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