Wet, wet, wet…….then sunburn ! 

So this week has mostly been about drying wet kit on the radiator! I’m wondering if there’s something distinctive about the aroma emitted on arrival home from a wet runner? Is it like wet dog ? ….. Judging by the mild disdain on my teens faces as I peel off wet Lycra it’s obviously not pleasant. Actually when I say ‘mild disdain’ I’m down playing the usual dramatic teenage reaction that I can now ignore quite well, usually along the lines of “God you stink!”

I had a welcome night out with Varsha at the local pub for quiz night, always a laugh about three times a year. Imagine our delight on guessing a word meaning succulent recently voted one of the most hated words in UK language ( I thought that word began with C, but apparently not) it’s ……MOIST! What’s wrong that word, it’s a Miranda word, like ‘PLUNGE’ …it’s been a great week of texting each other on how moist we’ve been after every rainy run. Oo-er!

I can’t believe after last Sunday’s hilly, Hucknall horror, it hasn’t really stopped raining since. My running cap has been well and truly deployed, living in between soggy runs on the corner of a radiator to dry off. It’s got that attractive white wavy line round it now where rainwater and sweat have dried together to create something rather artistic! Ok, well once the rain stopped I was planning to wash it, assuming it can stand a stint in the washer ?

I’ve tried to forget distance this week and focus on ‘getting a wiggle on’ for a change. That means keeping under 8.5 minute miles. It wasn’t too bad, I can speed up when I need to. It’s taken 5 years to learn pacing, long and slow, short and faster, one speed no matter what the distance is hard to change. I’ve managed, but my poor old piriformis has remained unhappy. I feel I’m going to have to put up with it until the big day and God knows how it will feel at 26.2 miles?

I’m ploughing through my London Marathon magazine, I’m starting under the red blimp at Greenwich park! It all sounds amazing, when I read the elite men’s field will be running an average of 4.41 minute miles, I am in awe……if I could manage 1 mile at 8 minutes I’d be proud of myself.

Finally my husband is joining in giving some thought to the day asking me the time I intend to pass the CLIC Sargent cheer points……I’ve told him to give me some leeway at the 25 mile point ……. And send out a search party if I’m over 30 minutes behind.

There’s showers, toilets, water, gels, energy drinks and pubs with food offers all the way round ( maybe that’s not for runners) if they did rickshaw hire, I’m laughing!

So this Weekend was the big one, last push before taper. Thanks to Easter family engagements, cheerleading competitions I had to leave into bank holiday Monday, not ideal when Tuesday is back to work. I asked husband to accompany me on his bike as I already knew I’m struggling as a solo runner with the time and distance and keeping my head straight. I was expecting a no, too busy but was surprised to get a yes.

We woke finally to sunshine, yeah! and set off at 10 to simulate marathon start time. It was great to run a loop mostly along the river from HPP all the way to Attenborough Nature Reserve. The sun was pretty strong but having been soaked all week I wasn’t complaining, the temperature was low and that scares me more. Beeston Marina was heaving, I was barely able to run at that point. Life is so busy we’re sometimes like ships that pass on the night so a catch up natter and someone carrying my drink was great. I felt a wobble as usual at the 13.1 mile mark, I’m pretty tired and I try not to think it’s just halfway. It was a slow half, 2.24……slower than Ashby 20 but I was trying not to burn out at the end.


Attenborough Nature Reserve- a beautiful riverside run


Beeston Marina – tough not to stop for a ice cream


After 3 hours even husband was feeling it, he likes cycling and I was worried he couldn’t ride slowly enough but it turned out that time in or ‘on’ the saddle was the killer. I heard ‘ God my bollocks’ on several occasions, so it wasn’t just me on pain!

I managed 21.2, still the furthest ever and just a small walk up the last slope. It was 4 hours but it felt uncomfortably warm by this time. The thought of 5 more miles on the day is scary. I think it will be one foot in front of the other and hope for the best. I think a 5 hour marathon is realistic, hey it will be a PB whatever.

This time I’m sunburnt, I never realised the sun was so strong but my chest , forehead and backs of my arms a tomato red and suitably sore. Soaked to sunburnt in a week! Savy shopping in Boots finally located the Vaseline on the baby aisle and after the ashby 20 ‘chaffing’ issues, petroleum jelly was suitably deployed….Ugh…….but secret weapon of choice, worked a treat. It’s definitely going to be in the London kit bag.

So now I’m tapering…..I’m not actually sure what that means, running less, eating more, who knows. I’ll follow the BUPA run plan as instructed, the best bit is I shall be tapering in Tenerife. Now that’s a change of scenery.

I’ve had nurofen, I’ve had a power nap, I’ve eaten a family bag of Kettle chips and half an Easter egg shell….and I still don’t know what to do with my legs.



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  1. Hi!

    I work for the Running Awards, and was wondering if you could give me your contact email address so I can send you some info? We’d love it if you came along on the night, please feel free to have a look at the website:


    My email address is rachel@therunningawards.com

    Thanks, Rachel


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