Did I miscalculate ??

What a week, mum’s surgery, half term, a visit to friends, busy at work due to having some days off….oh yes and running ! Missed another one, only 3 out of 4 planned sessions done again. My week involved wine on all nights from Monday through to Saturday which is going some even by my standards. Hardly the nutritional plan of athlete in training but I had good reason…

Reasons for wine!

  • Monday – mum’s cancer surgery went well, relief and celebration
  • Tuesday – a friend had booked theatre tickets months ago I had forgotten about and Mum doing so well I still went, plus she drove when I normally always do when we meet. Wine with a pre theatre dinner…. Rude not to surely?
  • Wednesday – with a friend I see once a year.
  • Thursday – still with said friend
  • Friday – long drive home, trip to the hospital for mum, missed the fam
  • Saturday – kitchenless friends over for dinner and a games night (mid house renovations)
Think like an elite athlete

Think like an elite athlete

Must try harder, no more skiving, last time I skip (probably)…….famous last words.

Its not all bad, pulled in a nice 10 miler on Saturday morning. But horror struck whilst mooching through Facebook and noticing a comment that the Ashby 20 mile, a chosen pre London race for me is in 4 weeks.Now that doesn’t quite tally with my beginners marathon plan and means I need to get from 10 to 20 miles in 4 weeks. Is that do-able? I can’t get injured. The feeling from running buds (including the iron men I know)is to go for it, I’m an experienced runner and just should just plan to go slow and get through it. I am nevertheless now freaked out I’ve got it all wrong !! God I really hope I can still pull this off.

Going to stay positive

Going to stay positive

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4 replies

  1. 10, 13, 16, 18
    Good luck!

    I’m doing the Ashby 20 too.
    15,16,17 miles done over the past three weeks.
    I’m supposed to do 18 this weekend but I’ve also got a 3 hour plus tennis match tomorrow after lunch, so not quite sure where I’m going to fit it in.


  2. Should have said in my last comment… so glad your mum’s surgery went well. Huge relief, I’m sure 🙂

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