Vegetable Juice – It won’t be my way to a PB!

Nagged endlessly by my daughters to get a ‘juicer’ and buoyed along by a recent huge supplement in the Sunday paper that juicing would make me slimmer, more mentally alert, more beautiful, who wouldn’t want to give it a go? Enthusiastically I ripped out the relevant recipe sheets, time to give it a go. A Pear and parsnip super blend, a creamy detox, bring it on!

A did a bit of ‘Googling’ on the best models out there and could quickly see that despite amazing reviews, I could end up lighter by £500, not an option this close to Christmas. I turned as always do to the most trusted fonts of knowledge; what do your Facebook buddies say and what do the guys in the office do? The solution was more blender than juicer, the Breville Blend Active, family option. It was pretty cheap, it’s small, its easy to use, you blend in the bottles you drink from which are really portable and its easy to wash (very important when your teenagers plan to use it every day). I’ve put all the bottles and lids in plastic box on the windowsill for easy access, even hubby laughed, thinking the same as me, it looks like we’ve gone back to the good old days of baby bottles out, ready for the steriliser.

Easy peasy, just like baby bottles

Easy peasy, just like baby bottles

It sounded a good starting option just in case this ‘juicing’ lark ends up being a flash in the pan and another kitchen gadget that gathers dust, lurking in the back of cupboard as it becomes just too much of a ‘faff’ to use. It could join the ranks of the George Foreman Grill, Raclette, Fondue Set, Chocolate Fountain….you know the gadgets, you know where they hide.But what if it’s a winner, we are all bowled over by the increase in household slimness, intelligence and glowing complexions ? well then it’s a Nutribullet for us, in all its sleek sexy glory. I’ll be honest, the Breville is hiding in the utility room, its not beautiful enough for my black granite, although I must admit its base suckers stuck to it like glue. But a beautiful black Nurtibullet, yes I’d allow it pride of place.

I could give this one pride of place

I could give this one pride of place

So the girls got stuck in with lots of post school blending, banana usage has gone through the roof and whoever suggested buying frozen fruit, that was a genius idea. Clearly therefore it very simple to use and it’s keeping them off the crisps and biscuits so for me, that’s a great thing. Worth the fact that I’m buying more bananas than Twycross zoo!

I was awaiting my go, I don’t have hours to kill post work and pre dinner and it still can’t beat my evening cuppa. So my chance came on a Friday when I was working from home. I knew I had a 10 miler planned Saturday, I thought an intense burst of Friday afternoon mental alertness would be great, such a change from that normal Friday afternoon feeling of drudgery trying to avoid the chocolate Hob Nobs. An intense burst of vegetables was what I needed so I gave it a go with my favourites……apple, beetroot, baby spinach, cucumber, ginger, ice and my super juice was ready.

No, I didn't liquidise the hamster!

No, I didn’t liquidise the hamster!

It was the colour of light mud, the consistency of vomit, it smelt like the salad drawer when something’s gone off and tasted vile. It looked like I’d blended the hamster (fortunately, we don’t have one). I tried to acquire the taste, I tried to hold my nose but alas, I tipped it down the sink! The irony is that I love all of those vegetables. I love a brightly coloured salad, I eat my greens, I like my vegetables, well, quite frankly on a plate….maybe with a drop of gravy. Why I would want to drink them in what looked like their regurgitated state I have no idea. The only way something like that would give me a running PB is because I envisage that it would make its way out looking exactly the same at high velocity, no doubt without much warning mid run! And this is using my favourite vegetables, I hadn’t even explored it as way to introduce a few of my less favourite veggies, like that completely pointless, waste of chewing energy that is celery. ‘Pear and Parsnip creamy detox’ I could wretch at the thought of that one now.

So I’m not letting a bad vegetable experience put me off a great gadget. I’m sticking to fruit and protein based smoothies. I tried an absolutely delicious one after my 10 miles on Saturday which was incredibly filling. So after my epic first juicing disaster, let me recommend…

  • 300ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp oats
  • 1 handful frozen fruit (I used blueberries)

I’ll let running keep me slim and glowing, its worked a treat so far and I’m happy to blend gorgeous healthy post run treats.

What do you create? Let me know.

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