How do you milk an almond?

So I have a baking head on, not ideal as a runner! Last time that happened was only a couple of weeks ago.  It could be a mid-life crisis or could probably be due to the endless talk about the new Hambleton Bakery that has opened locally and so far I haven’t been able to get near for the queues !! With the dust blown off my Mary Berry cake book, I just went for a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate butter cream filling and melted chocolate on top (Green & Black’s organic, don’t you know !) It was very nice, if not very healthy, but I really made it for my teenage daughter who had suffered an ‘epic fail’ on a D of E practice hike as the  group quite frankly map read like a bunch of girls and suffered the indignation of being driven to the final camp site following mini bus evacuation from a spot too many miles off course to return safely to rapturous applause from all the other groups who had made it to the location with no problems!  ….. By my cake standards, not a bad effort, shame she told me she isn’t really into cake. That left the rest of us to scoff the lot.


Baking head on !!

So the last time I baked was an epic effort of brownies, raspberry tarts and sponge cakes to play my part in a joint royal wedding party which turned out to be a sunny, memorable and happy day out. Thinking about it, that’s three years and Prince George later so I’m not your domestic goddess when it comes to cakes. Twice in a fortnight therefore is a real baking streak….I need some healthy alternatives, ideally some running fuel excuses to bake. I think I may have found a couple..

Paleo Inside Out Bread

Paleo Inside Out Bread

I may give this one a go, ingredients duly purchased, except I used all the courgettes last night and forgot to save any, oops.

Banana cookies

Banana cookies

Now these sound nice and easy and have been recommended to me; my first thought, how do you milk an almond?!! (I know the answer really). I’d really like to try something healthy with peanut butter, a guilty pleasure of mine. Anyone know of anything? If the running fuel baking goes well, it may become more regular than once every 3 years ! I could be the next Mary Berry in lycra.

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  1. Ive a recipe on my blog for protein balls swap the almond butter for peanut butter it’s just as good ! Healthy, yummy and guilt free 😉


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