Jimmy Choo’s? No, running shoes !

I remember buying my daughter yellow, Tellytubbies Wellington’s when she was 2. She was so excited to have them she wouldn’t take them off. She wore them round the house, ate tea in them, almost walked into things because she was staring at them and finally went to  bed in them…………….that’s me with my new running shoes!

I know the rules, 400 – 500 miles per pair and I thought that would take an eternity to clock up, I’m no ultra runner, or marathon runner for that matter. So imagine my surprise when I decided to export all my Garmin data into Excel…..at my age,yes really, I am a truly tech-whizz LCA….. to find I’d racked up 690 miles, oops. New pair fully justified, true inner joy.

So off I went to my favourite running haven of gear ‘Sweatshop’. They always have good advice, a good selection and I joyously admired the display, imagined myself in neon pink Adidas, admired the Brooks Blue, fondled the Nike purple’s only to advised that really if my trusty Asics had served me well, I should just go for the ‘like for like’ option as they were still available. Who am I to mess with my feet, I agreed. Now I take a UK ladies size 7/8. It’s at the larger end granted, but a common size no less (10% of the UK female population apparently) so that means in running shoes, it’s a size 9……………..Now last time in Sweatshop Teddington, an uber posh South West London suburb where the female running population would be nothing less than too rich and too thin (no such thing, I know) and from where I last purchased my running shoes, I was sorted out, relieved of my cash, not an eyebrow raised. Not so in Nottingham……there was a drawing of breath, a raising of brow and an uncomfortable shuffling when the poor guy in clear shock announced “We don’t have any pairs of ladies shoes in stock THAT big!” (Bigfoot, Yeti, Call in the clowns moment). My teenage daughter along for the ride, laughed in embarrassment, the nice young chap apologised he hadn’t meant to sound offensive….I should think not, imagine the kick you’d get from such a ‘mahoosive’ foot!

Of course all was not lost and they were duly ordered.I know they exist in that size (Up and Running stock them!). Moment of elation slightly delayed, excitement dampened…..fast forward to today, sun shining, back to the shop, order arrived. They don’t look that big, well actually they do and they’re white !! oh god are they white. My last pair were a nice grey, why are the like for like new ones white I asked ? Apparently it’s because it’s the Spring / Summer range…really runners do you buy your shoes by season and colour ? Now I’m no fell or trail runner but I do like the odd mosey across the park, a trot down the canal tow path and the occasional field appears that needs crossing, I’d never choose white. But oh well, in the interests of putting my feet first and not messing with a good thing, I bought them and it’s still a thrill, test run with Ellie planned today (she’s promised no mud). They’re the most expensive item of footwear I own, have ever owned.I give the impression of an LCA with a boudoir full of Jimmy Choo’s and Laboutin’s, alas no, these running shoes are the only thing with a three figure price tag.

The old boys are off to the shoe bank, the new boys have taken pride of place on their little mat in the utility room, the sun is shining, they’re calling me and just when my elation peaks……Sweatshop send me an email ‘20% Off this Bank holiday Weekend’ …aaaarrrrgggghhhh.

My old running Asics running shoes

The Old Boys, 690 miles together

New Asics running shoes

The new boys….so white !! I’m sure we’ll get on just fine


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  1. I just ordered new running shoes. My 4th pair of “like for like” of Brooks. Once you find good shoes, you stick with them!


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