Running shoes on tour

So here we are, running shoes on a plane (could be the title of a new film). They’re a funny thing to travel in, not heavy but huge,just too big to cram into our new super compact cases. The only option, wear them. Of course that brings its own new dilemmas of how not to look like a total chav ( if you’re a US reader I think you’d say ‘trailer park’. As a family we’re very conscious of the swathes of UK families who make Sports Direct their second home, as one comedian recently put it, “lots of sportswear, not alot of sport!”  It’s a family rule in our household, if you’re wearing sports gear, you’re either just starting, in the middle of or just finishing (in which case it better be sweaty) sport. I doubt anyone is worried other than me, we’re on a low cost flight so there’s no upgrade to be missed out on and my travelling trousers, don’t panic,not tracksuit bottoms ,are massive and consequently hang on my hips and cover most of trainers, thanks again running!

We’re on a Thomas Cook plane, it’s not bad, seats allocated so no bun fight at the gate ,away on time. 2 hours to go and the baby on the row behind (bad luck I know) hasn’t kicked off yet…..still 30 mins of bawling will make cava time when I check in most welcome. We LCAs should be more tolerant having been there ,done that in the baby department but I’m already becoming like an intolerant old lady as far as babies are concerned. Inner me will be shouting “Will you shut that child up !” I presume the no tolerance approach remains until it’s your own grandchildren at which point anything goes. I’m not ready for that for at least another decade!

It’s an Easter break to Lanzarote , a good place for early in the season European sun, just a 4 hour flight from the UK. It was perfect last year as I have become braver in running abroad and cool early mornings, a brick coastal path and stunning views over to the  neighbouring island of Fuerteventura made running a holiday highlight. What an antidote to a 5 star all inclusive blow out. A steady 10km followed by a coffee and a croissant as big as your face (or two) is my kind of breakfast. Varsha and family are already there and have assured us that a beautiful top floor see a view room has been secured making my on plane excitement more palpable. She flew the dreaded Ryan Air on hand luggage so unless she has braved the terminal chav look, made worse by standing in the Ryan Air queue her running shoes will have been abandoned at home. Varsha is such a classy bird , all frocks and heels normally, never without her face on and always rocking the bling but she does love a Ryan Air flight! And from an LCA who paid and extortionate amount for a private airport transfer to get just 20 more minutes in bed rather than get the free transfer bus . I reckon there’s an Indian gene that relishes a scrum on public transport. I like to know in advance where I am parking my posterior . I was hoping this could have been the start of Varsha’s new adventurous running career, well just running a route not involving the same 4 streets surrounding her house and discovering the bliss of a change of scenery. Never mind I’ll go back to trying to navigate her to a local park !

Roll on cocktail time……god someone has filled a nappy, get me on the ground !!

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