The joys of holiday running…..and the UK running blues

I only discovered the joy of running on holiday a couple of years ago when I bravely took my trainers to France. Since then I’m addicted and much braver. I accept that some countries are just too hot and too risky for a lone LCA runner, but so far my travel isn’t that exotic !! There are of course the risks of a wrong turn, last year a fast pre breakfast 5km, became a stressful 10km when I took a wrong turn at a crossroads in France and looped the longest possible way through the French countryside back to our lakeside chalet. Utterly beautiful though and worthy of extra breakfast pastries. On that run I discovered a short cut and great place to park for the beach so a worthwhile foray for the family as they often are.

Lanzarote is a beautiful place to run. Granted, the drive from the airport to the coastal resort and the volcanic landscape looks like you’ve landed on the moon, maybe that’s how NASA faked it ?? 

Moon landing

However, the beautiful coastal resort, marina and luxurious hotels make up for the lack of inland greenery. There’s a lovely paved coastal path that runs for miles overlooking the next island of Fuerteventura. The scenery is dramatic and from our hotel where the run starts with a steady climb up the headland, its pretty flat. Its a tough start, but the downhill sprint back feels great. From 7am until 10am, as the sun rises the temperature is lovely, under 20 degrees. At the 2.5km mark, there’s an outdoor gym with an incredible sea view so you can always stop for a few push ups if you feel inclined ! For me it’s just the running, the path is awash with runners of all ages and shapes and sizes plus a few LCA walkers (water bottle in hand of course!) Living in a land locked UK county, sea air excites me, I think about all the benefits its giving me, in fact just seeing the sea is a treat. I ran 6 mornings out of 7, felt amazing, totally enjoyed my at least 3 course, all inclusive breakfasts (croissants as big as your head… really).

This holiday was a first, hubby came too……for 5 runs, including an 11km, from not a runner to a streak, no niggles, no aches, no stiffness, no problem……I remain impressed (but I’m not telling him that), he doesn’t read, so the blog’s safe !
The first climb, but worth it in the end

Its great watching the sun come up and the run get brighter as you, the return leg always with the warm sun in your face. It makes up for all those bitingly cold UK morning runs. I could report back to the group on the shopping in Playa Blanca, there was an Italian ice cream parlour and a lovely ‘White Company’ type shop had a sale on ! So I’m chief advanced scout and excursion planner.

Sun up, just around the first climb
The 5km mark and the turning point on Flamingo beach

Now how to overcome the running blues in the UK ??



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