Help, I ate my own body weight in chocolate

“A little bit of what you fancy does you good”. To be honest that’s a good mantra, I agree with that, but after an indulgent weekend away to celebrate hubby’s birthday, I’m not sure consumption of a variety of chocolate and cake extravagances was such a good idea, I think I still feel sick!

Friday night (the day itself) a Mud Crab ‘Dirty Burger’, a house speciality of burger, pulled pork, bbq sauce and cheese, plus fries of course was followed back at home with a box of Maltesers….shared between two. Saturday morning was followed by a drive out to Barton Marina (fab spot for boutique shopping, coffee and cake) which was indeed accompanied by a divine slice of coffee and walnut cake. We stayed at the prestigious Belfry hotel, golfing paradise of Ryder Cup fame. Me and hubby had six golf lessons in our youth and as avid martial artists at the time never quite got the golf appeal or overwhelming all weather addiction that has consumed friends. I’m sure someone of note once said “golf is a good walk spoiled”, I totally agree but didn’t say it out loud in such it hallowed golf territory! Following a multi-million pound refurbishment it was very glam and so many clever nods to golf……

Redemption came briefly in the form of a gruelling gym session which I sadly enjoy as part of a cheeky weekend away.It was leg focussed and I sit here with quads tightening nicely. I know Monday in the office will be a day full of old lady style grunts every time I stand up or sit down! Luxurious dining started with sirloin steak and ended in naughty puds….

Followed by a bag of new Vice Versa chocolates from the Smarties family, just milk and white chocolate minstrels that have the same effect of making the roof of your mouth sore when (not if) you suck too many. AArrrggghhh, toothbrushes forgotten, hello furry teeth!

Followed by a gargantuan breakfast…..well it’s free, you’re gonna try all courses, except black pudding, I don’t care if I need the iron boost or not!

More boutique shopping followed by coffee and a delightfully huge home made cheese and chive scone, obviously with one pack of butter spread on each half. Then the cinema to see  300. Lets face it, all those cinema sized abdominals and leather pants (does no one feel the cold?) plus copious quantities of blood, guts and a modicum of gratuitous shagging thrown in just wouldn’t have been the same without a family pouch of Revels. I shared them if you count hubby eating 3 as sharing? Now major feeling

So what if I finally ate a two finger Twirl to round off the weekend’s chocolate extravagance….why? Because just like Mount Everest, it was there !!

Panic not, tomorrow night’s miles are planned.

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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