Fog! #shouldhavestayedinbed

Inspired by the beautiful, blossom filled sunny weather and the fact that Alice in the office had become yet another I had evangelised to running, I set  an early morning alarm almost giddy with the excitement of my first early morning run in months. I couldn’t wait to arrive at work, radiant just like Alice had. She somehow always has the look of a Jane Austin character. I’m not sure what it is, but I know that Alice would be at home in an empire line dress and dancing pumps and I’m sure should say “Mr. Darcy, I am quite undone” a lot! Still Alice aspires to running and is bravely embarking on the couch to 5km programme with the aim of an 8 mile event in September. Go Alice!

Things just didn’t work out as planned……..I no longer baulked at the early alarm, it is no longer dark in the mornings, spring is here, I thought. I opened the curtains, FOG! Once awake it seemed pointless not to go through with it, COLD! Hello, long running tights again, did I dare to think I’d seen the last of you for a while? No early morning sun, no dazzling blossom, no birds singing happily and unbelievably, no other runners…..just one dog walker in a North Face coat…………….I was cold all 5km, my twingy bum cheek complained the whole way round, my legs felt like lead, it was the slowest 5km I can recall running. Thank goodness I’ve been running long enough to know good runs follow bad. This early morning thing will not yet become a habit #shouldhavestayedinbed

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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