Rant and run……it’s a stress reliever!

Thank goodness running is such a good stress buster and Ellie is such a good listener. I ranted for a full 10km on Monday night having been dealt the proverbial ‘shit sandwich’ at work! My job put at risk and team members vanished from a new structure and all delivered via email to everyone at the same time. No human courtesy to let those dealt the blow hear in person first and all from a global business that continually emphasises ‘respect’ in its day to day pillars of how we should work with each other.
Good solid pavement pounding did the job, stress levels down, anger off my chest and renewed resilience for the days and weeks to come. A plan was formulated and mental clarity restored. 891 calories were burned and to think the other option could have been a bottle of red wine and a bad head to take to work. 
I continued the week like a trooper, cheerful for my truly disgruntled team and supportive of my peers also coping with the blow, less well I fear. It left this weeks early morning natter run a pure delight. Susie was unwell (very unusual!!) so Ellie and I set off extra early to cram another 10km in. Actually we did 11km it was so lovely along the canal. This time we talked the usual stuff, my plight is no longer worthy of breath, gossip from school, the weeks telly highlights and the best and worst bits from our other halves fills the miles more than adequately.
I am a runner, I am resilient, I can handle any challenge,  turn up the heat and I will just run more further and take it all in my stride…….

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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