Honked and wolf whistled – outraged (possibly not !!)

It’s a while since a car honked and the occupants wolf whistled as I ran along a main road today. Of course years ago I might have blogged about the disgracefully sexist nature of such behaviour, that I was outraged at being seen as an object not an athlete. On the other hand I’m not sure if,at my age, I was secretly quite pleased, you know, still got it ……and all that ! The car did come from behind me though and I suspect my swishy brown ponytail ( been covering the grey with the same shade for years) and my newly small bum disguised my LCA status. If they’d driven towards me I doubt it would have been the same reaction (old enough to be your mother young man and such comments). Still, I came home with a 10km in 58 mins and my inner goddess restored briefly to its pedestal. That will last at least until I wake up with a pillow crease across my facing looking like  I’ve had a stroke and unable to leave for work without burying my head in my make up bag for 20 minutes……..ah well, enjoy the moment.

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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