New runners, I love them …

Last night the LCAs went out to Riverbank, a gorgeous bar /restaurant on the world famous Trent Bridge (well, world famous if you like cricket!) It’s the kind of place an LCA can feel comfortable in ….you know, not all 18 year old girls who’ve gone out in lingerie and I don’t mean a vest! Great menu, beautifully presented food, tall, dark and handsome waiters, ok we all looked, a price tag to keep the chavs out and waiters brave enough to handle a table of LCAs which I can imagine can be a daunting prospect, ever seen an episode of Cougar town?

We were there for Varsha’s birthday, one of my newer running converts of who I’m very proud. Trust me, without being racist, Indian ladies generally don’t run or actually exert themselves if avoidable. Sweeping generalisation I know before you all tell me about the Olympic endeavours of your Indian friends. There’s many an Indian LCA in ‘slow motion’ at David Lloyd, working up a sweat definitely not on the agenda and out and about on my regular running routes, I see the Indian LCA daily constitutional walk as I woosh past and think “run ladies, save the walking for your old age”.

So when Varsha started on the fab NHS app ‘Couch to 5km’ I was and thrilled, when she said she couldn’t wait to go out again I was excited, when she bought some running gear I was amazed and when she said she’d been out in the rain you could have knocked me down with a feather……..this is someone usually more afraid of a cold germ than a Stephen king film! Recently Varsha has been lured to the endless drudgery of the treadmill, that’s enough to put any runner off, so I hope the current Spring weather can get her back out there to rediscover the real joy of running, you’ll never get further, faster on a treadmill. I’m still hoping she’ll enter an official race, but its the word race that’s too off-putting, I had been running just over a year before I  plucked up the courage to enter anything but I never looked back, its an incentive to train, a thrill to cross a finish line no matter how slowly and the sheer shapes, sizes and ages of other runners and the camaraderie is awesome and inspirational.

Last night, Varsha’s sister was telling me about the start of her Couch to 5km journey and I think the running bug has bitten there too. Another slam dunk, I’m not happy until every LCA has caught the bug. Asmita is already considering a 5km event though, the sisterly gauntlet is down, I can’t see Varsha allowing Asmita to become the better runner. Running is truely a personal journey about personal achievement…….. (to a point !)

I even chatted to Sarah, a more experienced LCA runner, well versed in the 10km and beyond…Oh yes Riverbank bar, spot the slim, gorgeous LCAs unleashed….they’re the runners !

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  1. Wow, this varsha person seems real cool, think this had made me want to run outside, she's a real inspiration! Just need to wait for butt cheek to stop hurting!


  2. Varsha would loosen up that tight butt cheek with a gentle run. Most risky is trying to haul a painful butt cheek onto a dangerously high stool to drink a dangerously calorific latte.


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