10km and the wrong undies

So sacrificing my weekend to the world of competitive cheerleading, I missed a key long run just two weeks off my first 10km race of 2014. I love how we call it a race, some people might be racing, but an LCA such as myself is simply completing a distance as I suspect I have as much chance of going to Mars as I do being first across a finish line!  
Still that’s just 2 weeks to bag a couple of 10kms and force my currently painful hips to go the distance. I think I’ve only been saying to Ellie for the last two months that I will invoke the luxury of my company healthcare policy and get the old joints looked at before they need replacing. What’s that vital advice of getting niggles sorted quickly before they become a problem, this niggle has been niggling since September …..note to self, get act together.
So Ellie and myself headed out in the dark, now that’s one we don’t often do together and we dodged the rain for a steady 10km. Its definitely not so easy after a day at work and there’s not enough time to have your tea. I was prepared for that eventuality and went to work armed with a late afternoon ‘budgie bar’. I genuinely enjoy the aforementioned snack but it is a multitude of seeds welded together somehow and topped with carob. It does look like a Blue Peter winter bird feeding recipe and the carob is strange, a bit like that weird European chocolate that’s just not like Cadbury’s. I also learned from a bad experience that too much carob is also one to avoid…..especially as a runner (I’ll cover that in another blog!)
Ellie I’m afraid had made another runners cardinal error, the wrong undies. As all runners know, you just can’t go the distance in the wrong pants. There’s chaffing, there’s getting things trapped that can’t easily be unleashed on a public highway and of course tonight’s problem of ‘hungry bottom’ . I dropped behind Ellie on numerous occasion to allow her to rescue those naughty knickers from where the sun don’t shine, its all part of the running bud service. I may need to text her before the forthcoming event and ensure she makes the right selection. 
I prefer a giant sized variety for full bum hugging security, why don’t they make the equivalent to a sports bra for your backside? I guess Sloggi is the kind of thing I mean. If your unsupported boobs make a figure of eight whilst running, don’t your bum cheeks do the same? What a horrifying thought! A running work colleague prefers a thong….dear god, that’s terror to an LCA, how could you pull many miles with dental floss between your bum cheeks, imaging the chafing!

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  1. LOL!! been there , done the wrong pants thing!! Not pleasant!!


  2. Me too, I tried throwing in the odd 'long stride' to correct things but it just doesn't work !!


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