Floppy Legs and Flappy Birds

What a week, I feel truly over trained and I don’t often say that. Whilst attempting the most honourable task of inspiring my teenage offspring to train and embrace fitness, I’m left with…..Sunday = long run day, Monday = my day at the gym, Tuesday = gym session with offspring 1 whilst offspring 2 is at Cheerleading, Wednesday = spin day aka ‘death by bicycle’ which is finishing me off for Thursday = gym session with offspring 1 whilst offspring 2 is at karate, Friday = the early morning natter run which is a non optional highlight of my week and the best part of working from home one day a week and finally Saturday, a gym session with offspring 1 whilst offspring 2 is once again at Cheerleading and hubby comes too in search of my severe training regime to ensure he has a 6 pack in readiness for our next holiday in Lanzarote……it’s working, he’s in fine physique an MCA (47 to be precise)…..and comments from fellow LCAs to that end have not gone unnoticed. Whilst I’m flattered ladies, I shall clearly defend my territory ! We LCAs need to mindful of the most threatening of our species, the dangerous divorcee. Still back to over training…..you see my problem, where to build in a rest day ? I can’t let my girls down, its my chance to be the personal trainer deep down I’d love to be, if only the pay was any good and I love me time and the chance to pump some serious iron. I’m thinking ‘big guns’ for Lanzarote. My arms simply aren’t slender and although I could gently fan myself in the heat with an untoned ‘bingo wing’, I’d rather just have muscle.

So whilst I’m sitting here almost feeling too floppy to type; what is all this hype with Flappy Birds ? OK I got in quick, I have it downloaded thanks to teenage tip off’s.off’s. I’ve had it days and scored 1….it’s the most infuriating game I’ve come across, Angry Birds I got quite nifty at, but the flappy variety are too hard to control. It’s seeped into all areas of life. I lost the office ‘flap off’ quite spectacularly with my score of 1 and had to make the tea. If my team are so good at it I might not be giving them enough to do ? I’m not sure its enhancing my mental fitness but at least when eventually sell my iphone maybe I can get a few more quid with Flappy Birds installed.

That’s it, knackered, floppy limbs tired out, just wondering how I can get through the natter 10km in the morning.

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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