A ginger ninja is on the loose !

I shouldn’t joke about it, there have been four attacks in the last 10 days on female runners in my area, on my running patch and seemingly to LCAs. Apparently these attacks are motiveless and the women are grabbed form behind. Its been at daytime, night time and in public places. A young, ginger bloke is the culprit and I wish the police would hurry up and catch him as it is a bit unnerving.How do we know he’s not seeing how easy it is to attack someone before taking things up a gear?

Fortunately, I ran a very blustery 11km with Ellie yesterday, our favourite route down to the river, which takes us directly into the ginger ninja’s attack patch. Ironically, Ellie is competent in Krav Maga, the Israeli special forces martial art. It’s all brawling and grabbing. I’m a recently retired karate black belt…..so hubby joked ‘god help him if he tried to attack us both, we’d both be on a GBH charge !’ I’m glad he isn’t a worrier but I might leave my headphones at home this week.

Still the miles flew by as we joked about everyone who passed us …..lady with ginger hair, nope……man in ginger trousers, nope…….man walking ginger dog, nope……..as always i will not let a minority stop me doing what I love, no one has that right.

Come on Notts Police, leave the speeding motorists alone and catch the nutters!

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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