Urban myth, a swan will break your arm ?

So finally an urban myth was almost put to the test. The natter run with Ellie and Suzy was halted by a perilous interruption. Just as we decided to challenge Suzy by upping the leisurely 5km to a more challenging 9km (we know she can do it, she’s pulled a 10km before now) our extended route along the tow path was blocked by an aggressive swan! Its a stretch of water we’ve run along before and ironically when we see swans doing what they do best……swimming gracefully, Ellie always remarks how terrified she is of them. It made us all laugh as we remember those parental warnings when feeding the ducks on Sunday mornings ‘Stay away from the swans, they can break your arm!’ 
So here was one stood squarely on a narrow path, wings spread out, very Gandalf  “ye shall not pass !” A small dog and owner were already debating a way through and after a moment of hesitation I was pushed to the front, apparently being a karate black belt qualifies me as chief swan whisperer.So I boldly stepped towards it and avoided eye contact with it, not sure why, it’s what I do with dogs. There was hissing, flapping and pecking in my direction but with Ellie and Suzy tucked in behind me we got through, all arms in one piece. So just how could it break my arm, is that an urban myth debunked ? 
……this running lark is dangerous, an LCA extreme sport I think ………..We managed the 9km, not surprised, we’d had a rest.

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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