Spin for cross training – curse the saddle

So the UK is being a little storm battered right now, sounds wild out there as I sit here tapping away. This LCA likes to think she’s an all weather runner, but I thought a spin class to mix it up a bit wouldn’t go amiss. I duly found a post work class time and entered the darkened disco lit interior of the spin studio…..a place that’s been off my radar for months now. Clearly ‘favourite’ bikes were marked with small sweat towels. I should know better than to assume they’re all the same, I’m the woman who did body combat weekly in the same position in the dance studio for years and spent the class with murderous thoughts if someone dared to get there before me and stand in my space! In actual fact it got so bad that I actually felt I couldn’t perform the moves facing the mirror at a different angle.
Anyway, the back row of spin was already taken. Damn the lazy bastards that got there ahead of me just to try and avoid the exacting eyes of the instructor. He’s on a platform, he can see all and anyway you can still make the hand movement that looks like you’re putting the bike up a notch as requested from any row ! A very smiley young man took the class, looked like he should still have been at school, but then as an LCA, I now think that about policeman, fireman and soldiers……there was a lot of ‘come on team, are you with me?’ said.
The LCA glams were on the front row, the ladies who only spin but do it daily and clearly ooze the mantra ‘you can never be too rich or too thin!’ Hair and nails coiffed, make up on and clipped to the pedals with those special spin shoes. Spin shoes, now there’s an extravagance!
The spin was fine, actually no problem for my runners legs even at the required resistance, but the saddle was another problem all together. Dear god what is it with a bike seat, it can bruise the bones no other activity locates (no, not even that one !). I shuffled forwards, I wriggled backwards, I sat upright and I leaned forward and not one found comfort. I looked around at fellow females, even the meatless backsides of the LCA glams and I couldn’t detect equal discomfort, what am I doing wrong? You’ve never seen anyone quite so enthusiastically get up for those standing climbs, I was up on those pedals without encouragement.
Years ago when I bought a new bike to get to a holiday job, I felt the same after a few days use. To ease things, I put a car wash sponge on the saddle with a woolly hat over it and rode on that to pad the seat…..so how can I smuggle that into my next spin class?

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