LCA v Teenager, aka ‘Clash of the Titans’

I hadn’t realised the energy sucking impact of a teenage daughter on my training schedule, especially a hormonal one ! After shouting, screaming, eye rolling, huffing, puffing, under breath muttering (almost identifiable as swearing but denied every time), stomping, door slamming and of course accusations of ‘life-ruining’ activities, I felt more like turning to the gin than my trainers. Aforementioned daughter has on several occasions expressed interest in joining me and building up 5km capabilities which I would love and am thrilled about,  but once again I deliberately and wantonly go out at totally inconvenient times which never suit and that is another of my listed crimes. Personally I know its a case of ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ don’t always equate in the teenage mind and the thought of doing something is clearly more achievable than the reality……watch this space, I’ve not given up on her yet.

Gym training together however, is something that this year we have got off the ground and I love that precious time we share in hopefully setting good lifetime habits.Deep down I’m a closet personal trainer, I’ve trained for so many years I can vary routines, work around injuries and instruct anyone in weight machines, free weights, TRX, VIPr , BOSU and can come up with an abdominal work out that makes grown men tremble ! I train my husband and other friends who reluctantly or not, do as I tell them. Not so  teenager. My training suggestions are followed with several key caveats: Nothing that looks embarrassing, nothing in the free weight area as that’s where the hot young blokes hang out and that’s embarrassing, nothing that in her opinion will cause her to ‘bulk up’ despite my emphasis that ‘you should be so lucky’, nothing that parts your legs more than an inch as that’s uber embarrassing….and yet we do enjoy our gym time together and perhaps she’ll become braver? If I can work around that, I can work around anything. 

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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