Operation – Buns of Steel

So although I never thought I’d hear the words relating to me,  I do not have enough ass !! Battling hip pain since a half marathon in September, both a physio and my own ‘You Tube’ investigations (a dangerous game I know seeing as any medical query reviewed on the internet can ultimately lead to death, stubbed toe = death, runny nose = death, stomach = death etc etc) point to insufficient glute muscle propelling me forward. 
So this year has seen operation ‘buns of steel’ put into place in the gym. I’m lunging, squatting and rowing like a demon. That plus pilates where my butt is clenched and released so many times I can’t actually tell what which one it is by the end the session of ! So how long before I have an ass like J Lo driving my distance onward ? Right now I’m worried I’ll be on the waiting list for new hips, phew, at least I’m in the UK so  they’ll be free.
Seriously,I hope its soon, I’m keeping my distance below 10km but I’m keen for more. Hubby has kindly offered regular free assessments to check for improvement (as an LCA married 23 years, that works for me!) …..Personally, I think pain free miles will be the best measure.

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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