Frosty pavement terror

Although a bold LCA in most things, I do have a phobia of a frosty pavement. Still I can’t be put off this early in the Winter, so muggers hat in place, I risked all for a swift 5km. Sadly a couple of years ago I did slip on black ice just a few yards from my front door on a sunny winter day between Christmas and New Year. It was such a shock as the pavements looked completely clear and yet I suddenly literally flew into the air and landed on my shoulder blades. My hat shot off and I found myself looking at the sky, I have no idea how I staggered back home. I was amazingly not specifically injured but the next day I felt like I’d been in a car crash. It was a shame no one had a video camera at the time as I suspect that moment would have been worth £250 in hilarious television entertainment. It has though left me suitably terrified of icy conditions. Don’t they do snow chains for trainers?

I know its cold when it takes 3km for my finger tips to warm up despite my running gloves and most telling of all, my bum is still cold after the full 5km ! Now that must be bad circulation, you’d think the level of wobble from running would warm it up. I’m sure its the first of many chilly ones to come……..brrrrrrrrrr.

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

2 replies

  1. There is no wobble in this taut 'buttocks' of yours!!


  2. Sad to say the shadows on the pavement in front of me from the low winter sun paint a depressingly different picture


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