The LCA Multi-tasker, blogging and dying!

I’m blogging and I’m dying, that’s what an LCA multi-tasker can do. Don’t panic, should I clarify and say that I’m colouring my hair! You see whilst running has given me the size 8 body (that’s a US size 4……you can see why we love coming on holiday and buying clothes in the US, they sound infeasibly small to us Brits!) I wanted, plus I’ve got quite youthful long hair and can run with a ponytail swinging along, running alas, doesn’t cure the nasty little grey hairs that seem to multiply. I can hide those roots no longer from glinting in the winter sun. So I perform my little ritual of hiding away in the en-suite bathroom, away from the dangers of soft furnishings and home hair dye kits. Small spaces and ammonia fumes, this blog may well become garbled…..
Of course today I’ve also been to work ,fed the family plus an additional teenage guest and been to the gym to pump some serious iron. Yes, I consider some hard core pumping iron a perfectly acceptable activity for a well heeled LCA, definition is always gorgeous in my book. Must go, or I’ll overcook !

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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