Gyms in January

Monday night is gym night (and Thursday too actually) but oh how I hate the gym in January. So crowded from the moment you drive in. Why is there always a parking bun fight around the parking nearest the doors….exercise doesn’t only begin the second you slip into lycra ! I train at David Lloyd, a true bastion of the middle class, body concious LCA where we glare with disdain at the hoards of yummy mummies and their unruly offspring usually called Oscar, Henry or India. 
But newbies, they’re the worst in January. ‘Don’t bother, you won’t be here by the end of the month’ I want to scream, it is actually true, February will be deserted and the gym will be making fat profits from non attendance again. But now there’s no room on the gym mats, people are dropping off the TRX machine (really dropping off ) like socks off a washing line and pilates has become a pilgrimage. And the novelty of seeing young mens’ pants has really worn off, I could run round pulling jogging bottoms up to the waist all night.
Still you can’t run without a core of steel and buttocks like boulders, so I’ll just find a quiet corner to lug my dumbells and balance on my Bosu and reclaim my territory when the realisation that the body you want takes real hard work, determination and a passion for exercise that will have many simply running for a lie down and a cream cake sinks in. Those still here in April, welcome to the groovy gang !

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