Bobble Hats are go

We’ve been lucky so far, surprisingly mild for January, but there’s a nip in the air and at just 3 degrees I felt the need for my woolly headgear. All I can muster is a black beanie hat, I think it’s a ‘running’ one, how would I know ? Bizarrely, I 100% wouldn’t be caught dead in a beanie hat at any other time, I loathe them and I think they flatter no one, yes Craig David, not even you ! I have worked out that leaving my hair down not only helps keep the damn thing on my head, but gives it just a small semblance of a fashion statement with my long hair protruding on either side. It just won’t sit on a ponytail, I can feel it creeping up step by step. To be honest with my black fleecy top and leggings, the addition of my black beanie hat makes it look like I’m going to mug someone or burgle a house….no wonder the good folk of the very respectable area in which I live look a little wary when I approach at speed (Speed !!….I flatter myself). I have a black running baseball hat, excellent for keeping the sun out your eyes and stopping the rain dripping off the end of your nose, but its no good for a winter run, the sort run of when your entire body is steaming when you finally stop and stretch.
Now of my running buds, Suzy has an amazing multi coloured woolly number, something out her ski collection I think and Ellie sports a flash of florescent pink on her head, so I need something new to join the Friday natter run. I was bought a pink and black Lycra type hat, to be honest though, it reminds of a swimming cap, seriously, I’d rather catch a cold.
A quick look in Sweatshop only revealed something black and  woolly with a giant pink pom pom on it and I didn’t feel it merited the £20 price tag…..not to look a total chump anyway. I had a quick trawl of Google, I think I might want one of these…

So what does the discerning LCA wear for winter run to keep her head looking warm but stylish ? Photos please.

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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