New gear has landed….muffin top contained !

Having looked at it and admired it for a few days, it’s just a rule of mine. I chose a suitably chilly day to road test the new gear. Adidas you rock, zips at the side …… no ankle savaging, check! Genuinely full length on my long legs, check! Most importantly, full containment of the muffin top over several speeds…. I tried a variety. They held up for the ‘gentle jog out the cul de sac’, then the ‘steady as she goes, rumble down the hill’ and the final ‘sprint alongside the park’. There’s nothing worse than a loose muffin top whilst running, an LCA needs full containment of such areas at all times. In fact forget running, I don’t like to see unnecessary bum cleavage in any walk of life, local councils provide sufficient bike racks thanks!
So feeling snug and coordinated I may reveal the gear on the Friday natter run. A sale bargain indeed.

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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