New Gear, Sale Bargains ……

I know I’m overly addicted to running when my favourite bargain of this year’s January sales is some new running gear. I was actually a touch disappointed when my beloved had not purchased my carefully chosen kit …..and when it comes to kit, I have so many requirements. I don’t like the sticky plastic bands at the bottom of leggings but zips are a problem too, as any of us who have been savaged by their zips will agree…I’ve still got scars from a nearly a year ago!  I need a zipped pocket for my phone at the back, my last pair of long leggings had a tiny zipless pocket which you wouldn’t risk with anything ( New Balance). Winter tops definitely need thumb holes. 
My choice this year is Adidas, I have one Adidas winter top ( I stumbled upon in TK Maxx) which I adore, so I hope this new one is as nice. I think they meet all my requirements, I’m sure they do. Actually, it’s now hugely reduced at Sweatshop so it’s probably a good job Santa didn’t buy it pre Christmas. Check it out below, can’t wait to pick it up. When it comes to gear, an LCA can never have too much. The gorgeous irony is that I’ve bought it with my mother-in-laws Christmas money and she’s the one who has consistently told me I’m too thin and I need to run less, she’s Italian and apparently because I am married and over 40 I need to be fat and unattractive. As everyone else including my beloved tell me I look fantastic I shall ignore her…nothing new there then.

In case of more bargains check out..

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