The first miles of a New Year ……

Such a relief to get the first (but not many) miles under my belt for 2014. Thank heavens for running over the festive period, this morning’s damage check confirmed just 3lb of extra lard acquired over the festive food extravaganza……not bad, trust me, if you’d seen the cheese board combined with the fact I think I ate my own body weight in Long Clawson Stilton, you’d agree. 
2014 has been my best running year yet, I ran a respectable, two 10km’s and a Half Marathon, my second ever. I got my PB over both distances, which I won’t share, trust me I run for love not athletic prowess !! Never mind, they’re my PB’s so my little inner athlete can do a little jump for joy.
What can I get up to in 2014, I haven’t signed up to anything yet. I’ve picked up an event guide and I suppose the local park 10km that I’ve done for the past 4 years is a must. I don’t like the sound of all these muddy races. My running shoes are my most expensive item of footwear (I’m not a Laboutin kind of woman), I don’t want them that messed up. I’m not running through icy water either…at my age ! Trail running might be for me, but being a city dweller, I’m not sure I can handle that much fresh air.
My main aim is to evangelise at least one more LCA, like myself, to start running. Do it for weight loss as a starting incentive and let it become a passion so weight just takes care of itself. I’ve been running 5 years now, I took it up at 40 as I think you owe it to yourself to throw something new in every decade. Just trying a bit harder in 2013, I’ve lost 3 stone (42lbs for a US translation) and dropped 3 dress sizes. I’ve got the body I’ve always wanted, just 20 years later than I planned to have it. 
So this LCA feels like she can take on the world……lets hope the old bod holds together long enough to allow me to do it!

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