Sugar, the new root of all evil..apparently

Back to work in the storm battered UK, the house ‘un-decorated’, looking a bit bland and unfestive. But what better to amuse myself than to listen to the array of mostly health and weight based resolutions and a selection of diet plans that I know will be by the wayside in just a few weeks. There’s Dukan, 5:2 or maybe 4:3 as some want to try, Weight Watchers are clearly going to do well and the craziest goes to an Australian lady who was given a huge section in the Sunday Mail and popped up on breakfast TV talking of the evils of sugar. Now I support that processed food is full of hidden fats and sugars and probably other shit we shouldn’t be eating and where I can, I avoid it. The same as refined sugars and carbs are best swapped with their natural alternatives but no, this Aussie nutter wants to avoid all sugar including natural sugars and fruit. Watch out bananas, you will shortly be marched outside and shot. We runners can’t manage without bananas, a fast, efficient recovery food…..actually Andy Murray would agree with us.
Why are pushed from diet to diet, a colleague in just recent months has paid a fortune on a detox, joined Slimming World and now is starting 5:2. They simply remain overweight and yoyo about a stone each time. They do however have an armoury of excuses why they can’t exercise and usually hit the charity chocolate box mid afternoon. 
I have to stay quiet, I can hear the ‘smug bitch’ comments heading my way otherwise but this is my first New Year of no dieting, no resolutions (Well OK, blogging was one!) eating well and running more. For what its worth, give yourself a kick start with a dry January….I did it last year when I decided to take control, I’m an concessional drinker and I lost 8lb in about 10 days. I was horrified it could have such a big impact and alcohol is clearly a hidden source of sugar that is hugely bad for you. I’m not tea total though, I like a tipple, couldn’t give it up. But as always, in moderation.
So before we line another guru’s pockets, try the Jasper Carrot theory ‘the hole in your head, is bigger than the hole in your arse’ , whatever calories you shove in you gob whether they come from chocolate, curry or your own bodyweight in lettuce leaves, they have to be balanced by the calories you expend or you put weight on…Simples !! If you need to expend more, I suggest you blow the dust off your trainers.

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