The Boxing Day Run 

Eyes open, heads OK, maybe I didn’t drink too much yesterday ?

Look out of the window, the rain stayed away, so no real excuse to avoid running today.

Christmas Day was a feast of plenty, how many bottles are standing there empty?

And as for food, I ate the lot…..a little restraint? Most definitely not!

So leggings on, they’re definitely tight, even my socks put up a fight.

A Christmas blow out and my feet got fatter? But I need to run,it doesn’t matter.

Out of the door it’s going to be tough, I now decide I’m feeling rough.

My stomach is feeling just like a lead weight, groaning with all of that stuff that I ate.

Thanks to the sprouts I’m now full of air, don’t run behind me,I warned you, beware!

Plodding along, I can’t get up speed, but at least I’m out there and that’s what I need.

Other runners are out looking faster and fitter but I overdid it so I can’t be bitter.

Red wine’s sweating out every pore or is it vodka, I’m not quite sure.

Every step feels such a strain, will ever feel like a runner again?

Back to my door with 5 miles done, I’m told that I stink but who cares when you run.

But now it’s time to turn on the pace, I’ve got 12 for lunch, today’s real race!

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