Missed me? ……I was decorating my lady cave! 

Sorry I didn’t help with the beginners today, I was glossing my lady cave. Is that just the best excuse you’ve read not to run? So the ‘playroom’ now totally mistreated by two teenagers is no more. Having been used as a bowling alley, well that’s happens to school rucksacks when they come in….I decided no more. Our smallest bedroom is a ‘man cave’, it’s supposed to be a shared study but I barely get a look in, he grudgingly moves stuff out the way when I work from home and allows me a shelf or two but I decided I need my own space and most importantly I can create a shrine to running. It will be my lady cave ……apparently I’ve got to stop calling it that, but it makes me chuckle and if you can buy a sign that says ‘man cave’ , why can’t I have a lady cave? It’s not created yet, so no pictures, my gloss is still drying. I’m excited, it’s a new blogging space, work from home space, space to create a multi million pound business ( when I’ve thought of it! ) …..and my homage to running space. I spent some hard earned on this little momento, so it needs a home…


Something for the lady cave !


So running was put behind DIY this weekend and last weekend behind gardening as I also had my annual mid life gardening crisis. It happens every year, the urge to step out the back door for the first time since about October. I hate gardening, but I like to see a respectable green patch or how can we hold a BBQ. Why is it you can run miles and miles with ease but a couple of hours in the garden and you can’t stand up straight for a week! It’s a proper middle aged way to spend a bank holiday.

So how to get my lazy butt into gear again, head on out with some complete strangers ….you know you’ll be good friends after 10 miles. It’s inspiring to do 10 miles with ladies who only started running earlier this year and have a half marathon in two weeks ! It wasn’t fast, but it was a lovely route and I haven’t gone past 6 miles since London so steadily upping the distance was perfect to stay injury free. If you’re in Nottingham, run Big Track, it’s a cycle route by the river and canals but it’s a flat, scenic, running pleasure. The best bit for me when I’m not pushing myself, is convincing those ladies that they can absolutely cross that finishing line in two week. It’s a huge dose of running mojo for me. I was thrilled to convince Penny that no matter how knackered you are, there’s always a sprint finish when you see a line…..she found pace she told me she didn’t have. It’s then I truly love running.

So next big decision, I’ve decided I’ve just got to take the ‘Leader in running fitness’ course, it’s worth the dosh. If I can officially inspire anyone to run, especially more LCAs; I want to. The people I’ve run with so far seem to like my slightly ‘boot camp’ style of motivation. There’s a course at Loughborough Uni in June so let’s hope it’s not full. Clearly I am no good without a goal and it’s nice to have one that’s not a race for a change.

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