1 down, 15 to go !!

Week 1 all done ….check ! If the next 15 go like that, jobs a good ‘un! Ok so I’m not that fooled, my real though is thank god the first week was spot on as I feel I’m not even at base camp of the mountain I need to climb.

There were 2 easy runs of 20 mins. So considering I was doing 10 miles plus pre Christmas that’s a massive step back. I did them both with my super pink strapping and my knee was fine. Intensive frozen pea therapy might just be paying off. This weekend I needed a 40 minute easy run. Having years worth of local runs logged on my Garmin I can pick local routes of almost any distance or time ( up to half marathon distance only though). Before the the 40 minute run my beautiful pink tape had sadly peeled itself off and I risked trying a run without ….. All good except for the storm force winds that were battering Britain. What a day to go out, it was like Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day. Running three steps forward and getting blown two steps back. I’m not sure whether a high speed gust in your face or from behind is the worst ?

There was a frisson of excitement in the post when this arrived and I can’t wait to religiously trawl every page. When I get time, I’m still two editions of Women’s Running in hand to read.

A treat in the post

I was briefly tempted by this, but I thought better of it …

I contemplated it!!

I contemplated it!!

I deviated though as Ellie was free Sunday and we haven’t been out since before Christmas, so in a flagrant breach of the plan I went out again for another sunny 40 minutes. It was mainly for the purposes of chatting, but worth the plan deviation. I doubt I’ll have the energy to deviate in the same way as it all ramps up.

As well as the runs, I pulled in a cheeky Pilates session as I figured it’s a good complement as the running builds. I tried not to moan at the groaningly full gym car park. We know they’ll all have given up by mid February….she says smugly. The Pilates class was a mid life haven. I felt the youngest by 10 years though clearly I wasn’t. There was a different teacher, a stand in I hope. Not the long and lithe yoga/Pilates goddess we expect and aspire to, but a lady who was ‘middle aged lady shape’ ……think Mike off Monsters Inc and you’ve got it

Standard middle aged shape !

Middle aged lady shape...don't let me get there!

Middle aged lady shape…don’t let me get there!

It’s just big boobs, pregnant stomach , no bum and tiny sparrow legs. Why does that happen and how long can I avoid it? It didn’t inspire me to take up Pilates more often.

What made the night was a lady who farted during a shell stretch and I was the only one who nearly pissed myself laughing ( another mid life problem) why did no one else find that hilarious. I’ve heard of fartlek training but not in a Pilates class!

With the gym so busy there was a lot for a good old LCA ‘chunter’ such as, why wear wooly hats in the gym? Why walk on the treadmill not even briskly and drink lucozade ( yes I saw it ) and finally why stay on one piece of equipment for so long when you know half the gym is eyeing it up for a turn all noting that your rest periods are far longer then the reps you do on it!

It was a more or less good nutrition week. Porridge with Chia seeds every morning which I hope are now doing whatever amazing things they’re supposed to be doing to my internal workings. There was however an amazing and totally worth it weekend blow out with my first visit to Red Hot World Buffet in Nottingham for my daughter’s 14th birthday. I was impressed, I was expecting unimpressive food and was wrong. It took, a plate of sushi and prawn crackers, noodles, squid, chicken
and veg off the Mongolian hot plate, a pile of Indian food, two banana and toffee pancakes and some mango ice cream to find out though. Buffet spanked ! Plus we got the aeroplane booth seats which are apparently like gold dust as I have since found out.

What week 1 didn’t bring was any further donations to my Just Giving page, £2000 is a lot to raise, I hope it won’t be impossible. So just in case you can help children with cancer and their families


Week 2 here I come…..I’m ready for ya !

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