101,000 Calories …….thanks running

Of course a New Year has to be onward and upward, 2015 will have highs and lows, they all do, but life’s what you make it and I have a sickeningly optimistic outlook on everything, my capacity to remain upbeat knows no bounds. I feel that outlook and attitude shape your path in life so I have to believe 2015 is going to be great. If it’s not, well I don’t concern myself with what might be until it happens.

Running remained my passion of 2014…. Handsome husband and two beautiful daughters excluded of course, naturally they are the centre of my universe. But 2014 was my 6th year of running and the addiction gets worse. I’m actually improving though, apparently we LCAs do get better as we get older…now that can’t happen in many areas of your life. Something’s got to make up for your hair getting whiter and your wrinkles getting deeper ! My running highlights were that I did 2 half marathons not the obligatory 1, I braved joining a running club ( an impressive, but lovely bunch they are too), I ran in a club vest….pressure, or what, I found a fab group of women runners of Facebook, an eclectic mix of the ladies of Nottingham bought together in a passion for running, I got faster with PBs at every distance I ran, I got thinner and I got a place for this year’s London Marathon! Bloody hell that was a good year.

Thanks to Mr.Garmin I wondered just how much I had run this year and after a bit of creative downloading, it was a staggering 731 miles which burnt an amazing 101,998 calories. No wonder I’m thinner. Now to some dedicated trotters out there, Steve Way and his buddies, that’s probably not far. But for a middle aged mum who works full time, that’s a fair few miles. It doesn’t of course include any treadmill trots ( but we keep that kind of torture to a minimum!), spin classes or assorted aerobic challenges that appeared along the way.

I need no incentive to run, I couldn’t live without it, but my husband dug out previous Christmas photos and had to show me. Friends all tell me they never saw me as large, but the journey below even amazes me.

So my resolution……keep on running ….hardly a surprise.

My words of wisdom, diets don’t work…running does !

Pre running, I'm truly staggered at this picture

2008 Pre running, I’m truly staggered at this picture

So I'd found running, things were progressing

2012 So I’d found running, things were progressing

Now someone bring me champagne and a mince pie !

2014 Further, faster, fitter – Now someone bring me champagne and a mince pie !

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