Race photographers – stay away from me

The race photographer is a cunning breed, they lurk, like paps round corners and in the shrubbery. You feel relieved when you spot one, you can quickly pull out that well practised drill…..head up, stomach in, make it look easy ! Yet alas, for me at least, that ‘epic’ feeling of running, that runners high, the reason I am so addicted to running just isn’t reflected in the race photo.

When I feel like a Kenyan elite runner, like I could conquer the world, like I’ve passed the race photographer sheer poetry in motion like a gazelle in full flight, I nonchalantly check the Flickr feed later (actually its eagerly but I don’t want to sound that keen !), and what am I met with ? Quasimodo in lycra!

I was thrilled last week at the thought of a great shot in front of the beautiful Wollaton Hall, the race photographer lying by the route to get the perfect shot of runners with the backdrop of this magnificent Tudor edifice. We all saw him, we all practised ‘the drill’, some more flamboyantly than others. Take this chap for example, ahead of the pack, making it look easy, in full flight, literally….

How to make it look easy, running & spotting the race photographer!

How to make it look easy, running & spotting the race photographer!

And this lady looks like she might be throwing the photographer a cheeky thumbs up as well as showing us all a very impressive set of abs (how many sit ups do they take?)

Check out those abs, bet she's not even sucking in !

Check out those abs, bet she’s not even sucking in !

But fear not, I spotted him too and for some strange reason I thought that my Quasimodo look would suit Wollaton Hall best, I must have mistook it for Notre Dame. Those in the LCA category with me might understand me when I say , ‘what’s with the Max Bygraves hands?’

Quasimodo runs, honest I was moving

Quasimodo runs, honest I was moving

Then of course we have the moment when you’re the same colour as your running top and your pony tail looks like a Biggles scarf complete with wire …..

The 'Biggles' ponytail

The ‘Biggles’ ponytail

Now this is an impressive shot, so not of me. This LCA looks fab, check out those guns, she’s a lady who works out.

Nice guns !

Nice guns !

Sadly I finally risked the closest I’ve ever got to a  pair of running shorts and I look like I’m instructing a dance lesson

...and right foot in everybody, skip to the beat .

…and right foot in everybody, skip to the beat .

There have been many other walks in the park (that were actually runs….really). I love this little 5 mile stroll.

Power walking

Power walking again, even the bloke in front is a blur

In conclusion I think I’ll steer clear of the race photographer, it’s too realistic for me. We LCAs need a sensible set piece, my hair and face can’t defy the motion. Standing still, that’s the money shot. I’ll be OK for the cover of Women’s Running Magazine.

Spring 2014t

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  1. I think you look awesome in every shot.


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