UK Mothers Day – Mum wants to run and dad gives it a go !

What a glorious mothers day, sunshine, spring flowers and all the ingredients of a Sunday morning that make me want to run. Bouquets duly received, M&S coffee and my favourite Morrissons chocolate twists devoured, there was still time before lunch out with grandma, there was still time to squeeze in a run. I had to take the opportunity after all surely mum can do what she likes on mothers day?

No objections were raised ( they are fully aware of the missed run grumps!) and after a trial 5km months ago, hubby decided to give running another go. Maybe it’s a bloke thing, but following this single 5km the purchasing of running shoes as requested for Christmas, a suitably technical t-shirt, double layer socks of course, a running cap was all deemed necessary and all before a second run was even contemplated. Hubby likes things to be just right, he’s not a naturally outdoor kind of guy, he’ll never be an all weather runner. In fact I can be fairly certain he won’t run in the rain, or drizzle, or if it really looks like it’s going to rain, or if it’s too cold, too windy, or dark, or muddy, he’s definitely not a trail runner then. Or if it’s too hot, or too humid, or too hilly. It is on reflection a miracle I got him out there again at all then!

Still, who wouldn’t want to run on such a beautiful morning? In slightly churlish manner I decided to cause him pain beyond 5km, after all, the arrogance of just deciding to pop out with me as the weather was nice, like running isn’t anything that you have to work at. Just look at ‘Couch to 5km’ which he regarded like a kindergarten manual. And the weeks I and friends steadily built ourselves up to 10km. 

So out we went and we ran and we chatted and we looked at gardens, extensions, nice trees and all manner of things. I kept the pace easy and could tell he was absolutely fine and 10.6 km later, we were home. I am really grudgingly trying to be proud, he’s fit, I know, he cross trains, plays badminton (but that’s not squash or tennis is it?) and works out, but to just run, no need to stop, slow down, complain about it and afterwards to not be stiff, tired, no pains, niggles either yesterday or today….unbelievable.

Actually it made mothers day one to remember, as always it removed the guilt of a lovely lunch out, belly pork with full crackling covering (well it is the best bit) relevant trimmings and chocolate fudge cake and ice cream….served on slate, clearly justifying a price tag !!

Little steps and all that, but my mind is racing, if he actually enjoyed it and it really was so easy could this be the future of our advancing years…destination running, the Berlin marathon, the New York marathon and the Las Vegas half with its blingy medal. I’m excited but I won’t scare him with it just yet.

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