A bath …… and it’s not even my birthday !

This week I tried an evening of ‘resting’, I had to look it up in the dictionary. After a late night working, then five and a half hours on the road in one day with a jaunt to Chester and back, followed by the gym as I didn’t want to let my daughter down, I spent the next day almost feeling ‘unwell’. I need to stress I was definitely not ill, we Squitieri’s don’t do ill or such appalling signs of physical weakness. I can’t remember my husband having a day off in 20 years, I haven’t had a day off for about 4 years and the girls have both had 100% attendance records for the last couple of years. Of course now I’ve said that I’ll probably wake up in a hot sweat in the early hours for such a public tempting of fate.

So back to my feeling of ‘a dip in normal levels of healthy enthusiasm’, I thought I’d skip the run and the gym and I actually fancied a bath. That may be normal to many of you, but in our household the bath is purely ornamental, we are shower fans, we barely have time for anything else. Remodelled about 5 years ago to update it, we chose a particularly large and deep bath, with central taps of course (like one bum barely ever graces the bottom of our bath, so why we would plan to accommodate two must have been a complete flight of fancy!). 

The biggest pain of finally feeling in a ‘bath mood’……you have to dust the bloody thing before you can fill it, that’s how infrequently it’s used. While everyone was out I had free reign to the bathroom cupboard too. With two bath-phobic teenage girls who receive endless bath smellies for birthdays and Christmas, the selection of bath treats was mind blowing and I knew not one of them would ever be missed. There were bath bombs, with glitter (cheaper than a vagazzle I suppose !), without glitter but full of rose buds, fruity bath cremes, coconut bath milk and a weird bath jelly from Lush, the store guaranteed to induce a headache after 10 minutes of browsing.

I settled on a Ted Baker bath lotion from a gift set as I already use the body butter, I love the smell. I filled the bath extravagantly full, well as I’m so rarely in there, seemed rude not to. I ran the water inappropriately hot, who wants a luke warm bath? I spent what seemed an age making bizarre, monkey-like noises whistle attempting to lower into said overly hot water and finally sighed with relief as I settled into a comfy spot…..bliss. Of course I had my latest copy of Womens’ Running Magazine to read, yes if I’m not doing it, I need to read about it, so actually I still think it counts as a training session. I must admit I slept like a log, I might just try another bath, I think I could be up for it, in about a year !

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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