Tame the boys, contain the beasts! 

Priority one as a female runner, large or small, those bad boys need to be kept in check. In our house they are ‘the boys’, call them what you will, bangers, jugs, boobs, knockers…..I could go on. But when you run they take on a life of their own, unruly and wild, give them an inch and they’ll black your eyes and try and cross the finish line ahead of you as they can!

Did you know, in reality, the poor things do figures of 8 as you move. Impressive I know, bet you couldn’t make them do that if you actually tried. If you could, get tassels, you could earn a fortune!

But every downward bounce over all those miles and miles of running can stretch those ligaments that hold the old boys in place and once over stretched, they don’t tighten up again ( think of a knackered rubber band, when it’s gone, it’s gone). So unless you want to be tripping over the poor things as you get older, look after them.

My never enormous D cups slimmed down with me to modest B cups and as a runner I’m happy with smaller assets. I do see lots of out of totally out of control bosoms heading my way when I’m running….ladies does that not hurt ? I started with an M&S high impact sports bra, very comfortable and very good for classes in the gym, but not controlling enough for running. My bra of choice and I just buy a new one every 6 months is the Shock Absorber run bra. It’s definitely the one for more modest assets ( D cups and below ) and does a masterful job of grabbing the boys and almost squashing them in place. I would like to know if the ladies of larger cuppage also get on with this bra.

The Running Bug, a great haven of all things running, did a fab study recently, check it out below.

Running isn’t an expensive sport but decent trainers and a good sports bra are non negotiable. Don’t skimp, get what’s right.

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