The highs, the lows post VLM 

So what are the highs and lows of post marathon week? For once I tried hard to actually account for my age and give running a few days rest, let the old girl recover properly. Monday was spent in a giddy high, the drive home flew by although I was glad I wasn’t driving. I wasn’t too messed up, walking ok……should have gone quicker!

My neighbour was over seeing how I’d done before I’d barely stepped out the car, my front door had been ‘pimped up’ by a friend!


Arrived to a pimped up front door!


My mum and dad gave me a beautiful 2015 London souvenir coin I shall treasure. There were congrats and well done cards, champagne, texts, phone calls and a round of appaluse at work on Tuesday morning, they probably couldn’t believe the old dear actually did it! It’s a good 48 hours of rock star status. Contrast that with some close family members who have never so much as asked me how it was, let alone how I’m doing! Still, real rock stars say their family keeps them grounded!


A beautiful souvenir I’ll treasure

Fantastically, my fundraising has also raced up again since the event. I was worried about achieving the  £1800 but now I’m at £2307, amazing. The 400 CLIC Sargent runners at the VLM in total have raised enough to keep their beautiful holiday home, Sir Malcolm Sargent house, going for a year. Imagine how many poorly children can enjoy that.

It’s amazing how the donations come in, that’s a contrasting picture too as I’m sure you other fundraisers have noticed. I’ve had donations from people I barely or don’t even know who’ve enjoyed reading my marathon journey and then there’s people I know really well who promised to donate and haven’t bothered. It’s a tricky game and I whole heartedly thank anyone who supported me.

Now you should know I don’t like to do anything in half measures, so whilst in my resting phase, there’s been lots of this……


Tiffin carrot cake, my total favourite


What to choose ??


I feel I’d earned a little trip to Tiffin on Abbey Road , West Bridgford. I’ll give them a little plug as they’re located off the main drag but well worth seeking out. The cakes are AMAZING …….

My evenings involved rather too many of these, although I think they can be classified as an essential recovery food……


Nice balls !


By Thursday though I think no sleep for a few nights before and the night after the VLM caught up with my. I needed eyeballs painting on my eyelids to get through the day. This would have done the trick, they should put guidelines on how to do it in post marathon recovery notes….


Marathon recovery tip for the office !


I planned ahead and had an hour booked on the recovery couch to put my legs back in order. I wish I could say it was a pleasant experience. A whole hour of deep tissue massage having every muscle in your legs pummelled into submission is painful, tears to your eyes stuff…..the bruises are just coming out now! Good news though, no damage, nothing out of order, the old legs have come out of 26.2 miles in fine fettle.


The sports massage, pain not pleasure!

So that’s it then, the running shoes are calling me, they’re bored of their minds just sat on their little carpet in the utility room, they want out. So after 5 days off, that’s the resting thing done. I’m off for 5 miles with Ellie along the canal.

It’s the VLM 2016 ballot on Monday, like child birth I’m already only recalling the joyous parts of my first 26.2. Would I do it again? What if I just try the ballot and leave it to destiny………..

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  1. Great stuff.
    London is great isn’t it? Always a bit of a low after the high. But it’s worth it for the high.
    Totally relate to the fundraising comments. I found future marathons were much harder to raise for as you (and others) know you can do it now.
    But that’s for the future, right? 😉


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