The taper in Tenerife

Well there could be worse ways to taper than spend a week in sunny Tenerife in 5 star all inclusive luxury! It will take my mind off the impending challenge ahead and certainly keep me a little more mindful at the buffet. Perhaps jetting off straight after the marathon then glueing myself to a sun lounger by day and hitting the all inclusive buffet like an express train by night might have been a better idea, but school holidays are school holidays.

Sad runner fact number 1:

My running kit is always packed when we go away. This time of course inclusive of shorts ! ( which I shall review with honesty in another post )

Sad runner fact number 2:

I signed up to Strava especially to see if there was anywhere to run around the hotel and resort in advance ( it would appear so)

The first slight shock was that the hotel was high on a cliff near Los Gigantes ensuring every room and public area of the hotel got a stunning view. It also meant that running here was going to be all about hill training, like it or not. That should assist in the training of my ‘mis-firing’ left butt cheek and associates piriformis issues.


Stunning early morning views……means one thing for running !


Day 2 down the hill to the coast road and turn right. Unlike Lanzarote which had one slope up to a beautiful brick path that followed the coastline for miles, this was following the road which wasn’t busy at 7.45am but bloody hell it was hilly. I dropped into the port of Los Gigantes and bloody hell was it a drop, I knew there was only one way back out. I indulged in some holiday running photography, actually a chance to brace my legs for what was coming.


Early morning in Los Gigantes and an excuse to re-group my legs


I’m rubbish at guessing gradients but anyone who’s been to Robins Hoods Bay in the UK, it was that kind of climb out of Los Gigantes…..and I ran it ! The left butt cheek had to fire whether it wanted to or not. The slopes seemed less scary back to the hotel. I duly noted the ‘fish museum’ on the way back…..must threaten to take the teenagers there if there’s any holiday unruliness! Mental note, turn left on the coast road next time, that route was a little off putting to say the least.

Day 3, wasn’t going to run, didn’t get up early. But then passed an English lady on her way out who spoke fondly of turning left on the coastal path and I decided once my all inclusive gargantuan buffet breakfast had settled, I’d be off. It’s only April, temperatures here are 23 at the warmest, which is perfectand at 10am they won’t even be that. There’s talk of a UK heatwave  which is actually my biggest fear for London so a run with the sun on my back might be a good practice. Down the hill and left onto the coast road. Not exactly flat and suddenly out of a side road popped several runners, all chaps but never mind that, where had they come from ?

Down the side road I went, closer to the sea and found the dirt trail right along the sea. Beautiful scenery, the sound of the sea……when you live in Nottingham the furthest from any UK coastline, believe me, the sound of the sea is a rare treat indeed. There were runners, walkers, a popular route indeed. The sun was warm but not unbearable. I followed for just over 2 miles and turned back stopping for a selfie on a headland that was the photo spot for everyone. The climb back up to the road wasn’t as bad as the previous day but certainly added some leg work into things.


Nice sweaty selfie ( now you know why my daughters laugh at every selfie I take !


The sea, makes me want to move to the coast



Day 4, I wasn’t going to run again, but sometimes your hand is forced when like a solar eclipse something rare comes along you can’t ignore. Mr. S wanted to come for a run. I knew it would happen, he ran last year with me in Lanzarote having previously tried one local run with me ona sunny Sunday morning to see if he could do it……sickeningly he could! Naturally he had to have the gear, running shoes, tech T shirt, run cap, double layer socks. All have which have been moth balled since last year. I had to pack them much to my annoyance, can you imagine what room size 10.5 running shoes take in a case when he refuses to travel in them……it’s how I transport mine, but he has to be different!

So off to the left we went, I felt quite the explorer as I gamely showed the was onto the coastal track. I was very careful watching my feet, I’m not a trail runner and the risk of turning my ankle those close to VLM was at the back of my mind. We went further, around 3.5 mile along the coast. Just after I turned back previously,  we joined a beautifully finished coastal path more like Lanzarote, we must be staying at the rough end !! This time we deployed our new toy, the selfie stick to prove how far we’d got and as proof to disbelievers that Mr.S was running!


Mr.S on his annual run ( like my pony tail wind sock? )


Getting used to the selfie stick


I’m past thinking that running will be his new love, he did 10km effortlessly, no aches, pains, huffing or puffing….he even said, “I could do that for 2 hours !!” But he only does it to compensate for three buffet meals a day and more alcohol than we’d normally drink. Such a shame at house he works out and is in great shape, I’m not a fan of the distance runners build, male or female. I’ve seen more meat on a spare rib than a male distance runner and I like my chaps beefy, can’t  beat big guns!

So has my body remained a temple pre London as I had planned…..errrrr no, I’ve bound to have put a few pound on although I’ve eaten really healthily, lots of salad, fish, seafood, rice, fruit………just ‘lots’ of it!! Have I stayed dry……errrr no, a cheeky cava before dinner and some red wine with dinner every day and the odd cocktail of the day too. Oops.

Great taper though!

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  1. ‘All inclusive’ is a bit of a waste in taper time though isn’t it? 😉


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