Porky pig loads the carbs all wrong !

I am just turning into grumpy witch running. Watch this space for the positive LCA runner who will be returning to a blog post near you shortly. In the mean time, Victor Meldrew’s got nothing on me !

So my next moan is that quite frankly, the closer I get to London, the fatter I’m getting. No really, I am the heaviest I’ve been in 18mths and an astonishing 10lb heavier than my favourite running weight. I think I may have taken eating more to cope with marathon training to a new level. I should have realised when I noticed ‘runners roll down’ recently. Like Simon Cowell I like my belly safely secured with a high waist, albeit made of lycra in my case. None of this ‘low rise’ nonsense for me that doesn’t work after you’ve had two children (not for mere mortals anyway). So imagine my surprise when I felt said lycra rolling down as my belly made a bid for fresh air and freedom! Thank god for a long tee shirt, could you imagine that sight in a crop top. I am quite adept at containing the belly beast while still running. Here was me thinking maybe I was suffering from slack lycra syndrome, but it would seem it’s more a case of jaffa cake overload.

Maths was never my strongest subject but I think I may have got the grams of carbs v poundage of body weight wrong. You can’t simply eat (or drink) what you like because you run, I do know that….I should just listen to myself.

Not only is it just 6 weeks to the London marathon, it’s 4 weeks to a one week holiday in Tenerife, so there’s a bikini to worry about too. I think if you’ve lost a lot of weight, there’s a nagging fear it’s all going to be heading back on again if you let your guard down and I’ve kept mine off for 2 years. You know there are people, even friends, who secretly would love to see you pile it back on. Well I’m not going to.

So it’s hello MFP (My Fitness Pal) the perfect app for someone who’s a control freak with a weight crisis.Make me a lean, mean running machine. It could be worse, I could run in pants….could you imagine Paula Radcliffe suffering ‘runners roll down’. There’s no chance of that happening, too much like the school PE knickers that strike terror into the hearts of LCAs like me. Who remembers netball in knickers, freezing temperatures and blue legs!

This weekend has to be a watershed or I’ll be rolling the marathon. It was a celebratory perfect storm, mainly of cake. It started in West Bridgford’s sacred haven of cake, Tiffin yesterday to celebrate my husband’s birthday with their delicious carrot cake.

Tiffin, best carrot cake ever

Tiffin, the best carrot cake ever

Then there was last night’s huge tappas celebration at Escabeche for phase 2 of said birthday celebrations (including finishing with a sharing portion of churros….I did share).

Churros and chocolate, don't mind if I do

Churros and chocolate, don’t mind if I do

And the freshly baked finale of afternoon tea at Colwick Hall with my lovely and amazing mum now driving again post surgery. Cream scones, lemon cake and the rest!!

Mums need afternoon tea, so civilised

Mums need afternoon tea, so civilised

It could be the belly beast that’s making these new distances such a problem? Abstinence starts tomorrow…..no really, I mean it.



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