Running in my Buff ! Well Yowie actually

Nothing like an exciting birthday gift to brighten your special day and although this year I surprised everybody by not asking for running gear. I never tire of it but my ‘running drawer’, yes I have one… bursting. I have actually now been running long enough to have kit that has genuinely worn out. The seams on my first pair of running capri’s finally gave way, I sewed them once but my thighs were much bigger when I started running so I shredded them despite my running repairs. So I am now finally on kit, round 2.

Ellie wasn’t to be deterred however and bought me a Buff. Well actually she felt the Buff colours available just weren’t bright enough for me and so I got a Yowie. Same thing but I love it. The packaging makes fascinating reading, can you really do all that with a small tube of fabric ? A ‘tube of possibilities’ indeed….I love a challenge. I feel their marketing team aren’t ready for what a middle aged runner is about to do for their brand.

Fuelled by a delicious game pie and a couple of large glasses of red to wash it down, I rose to the challenge and felt it my duty to brighten Ellie’s evening proving I could make good use of a gift.

Maybe these things are less designed for a sophisticated  LCA like myself and just look more hip and happening on a surf dude?

Attempt 1, the beanie, a sensible choice for a cold run and good for visibility on a dark run. Of course the packaging doesn’t make it clear ‘how’ to create these looks. I made a guess, insert tube on head.

Less beanie, more Captain Jack Sparrow !!

Less beanie, more Captain Jack Sparrow !!

Clearly, without instruction this is not sufficient effort to create the beanie look. There’s clearly more to be done with the excess fabric, but its not clear what. Maybe perhaps inspired by my childhood holidays and my dad’s hankies. I tidied it up a bit. Attempt 2:

Well what else do you do with the excess fabric ?

Well what else do you do with the excess fabric ?

I tried the classic bandanna style, which should be good with long hair and for keeping my ears warm. That’s the way a true surf dude would wear their Yowie. I looked more like Axel Rose or a runner with a head injury. Attempt 3:

Going for surf dude, ended up with Axel Rose !

Going for surf dude, ended up with Axel Rose !

Undeterred, I battle on with the endless possibilities. Of course wearing it snugly around your neck is the obvious option. It must be ready to pull up over your mouth for super cold mornings to avoid the real shock of the cold air. This looked a bit ‘James Dean’ when I tried it. Attempt 4:

James Dean eat your heart out

James Dean eat your heart out

I was most curious when I read it could become a ‘Noggin sock’. Seriously someone needs to tell me what that is. It may be something that every cool dude can’t be without. At my age it sounds like another word for a condom. So here’s my interpretation. Attempt 5:

I can't begin to imagine what one is ??

I can’t begin to imagine what one is ??

Birthday fun with a Yowie, what an end to my day. I really can’t wait to wear it on a cold run. I apologise to Yowie for ruining their image ……can anyone my age look cool in one?

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  1. Another extraordinary picture of our adorable Justine suitably attired in the latest fashion in running gear.Always so photogenic these new garments certainly do you justice. Did you mean “Noggin the Nog”.?


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