Muddy Puddle Mayhem

What was I saying, I love my running shoes, Tough Mudder will never be for such a gentile LCA as me and yet in the stormiest January for years, Ellie my LCA running bud (the youngest of the LCA group, but still a naughty forty plus like the rest of us), decided we needed a ‘blow the cobwebs off’ run in the local country park. It was a reminder of this years first 10k event in early March, but with extra puddles, dogs, walkers, welly wearing toddlers and militant families who think they own the pathway and make no attempt to move over to let you pass…..what’s wrong with some people? My mind shouts out ” if you’re not running, shift your fat ass to the side of the path” but my well bought up LCA manners don’t allow it. Splattered and invigorated, my poor trainers left to dry off on their little carpet. Yes folks, I bet your dogs and cats have a special mat, I’m not really animal minded, so hubby gave me a little off-cut of carpet for my running shoes so that they can reside like royalty in the utility room. Oh to put them through the wash, but I follow instructions and don’t want to damage any cushioning for my poor old joints.

Two pugs in baby grows gave chase, or they could have been wearing doggy outfits (either is too weird in my book). I accept that canine ankle nippers are a risk in a public park, usually tripping over them is the biggest worry….I don’t do falling with style. I’m not so sure about German Shepherds and such canine terrors, its a relief when owners grab hold of them. Never make eye contact, we know the drill.

Parks, puddles and fresh air……bring it on 2014

Categories: Ladies of a Certain Age Running (LCA)

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